We are observers always looking for frames of everyday life and remembering those that give us chills. We want to recreate, redefine and improve those that determine our sense of reality. The main building block of our images is not a pixel, but something much more fleeting - the feeling we want to convey with it. Compressed into such a basic and abstract choice as a shade of blue.

AZUR is the manifestation of our pursuit a place created to capture such feelings in a visual capsule. Motivated by our surroundings, and fueled by four years of exploration, learning, and development, AZUR represents a space where design seamlessly merges with technology. This mariage results in what we love the most graphic compositions, striking color combinations, and a diverse array of skies.

Azur was founded in 2024 by Daniel Podlecki, and is based in our favourite place - GdaƄsk.